Why SoLo?

SoLo GI Nutrition is different from other companies. Okay we know, you’ve heard it before, but it’s true. Our mission is to help reverse the interlinked epidemics of obesity and diabetes and the human energy deficit. We are doing that, not only by making delicious and nutritious snacks but also by giving you the resources to make living a low GI lifestyle easy so you can live your best life  – and enjoy it!   Learn More>>

Low GI Nutrition is good for everyone.

Managing Blood Sugar is the “key” to sustaining energy, providing hunger satisfaction and improved mental focus and concentration. Find out how …

Energy & Performance

energy and performance

Low GI carbs, or slow carbs, are released slowly giving you sustained energy so you can go further, do more and perform better.

Weight Management

weight management

A low GI diet helps you manage hunger, burn body fat and maintain your metabolic rate.

Mental Focus

mental focus

Low GI foods provide a steady supply of glucose to the brain, improving cognitive performance.

Low Glycemic

low glycemic

Helps to keep blood sugar in a happy zone.


Move from low carb to slow carb. Eating a low GI diet, is so easy, doesn’t involve depriving yourself, is good for the whole family, and the only side effects and risks, well, there are none!

Well if we must list side effects, here are a few: Eating a low GI diet may result in sustained energy, increased athletic performance, clearer skin, increased mental focus, reduced risk of disease including type 2 diabetes, obesity and some forms of cancer.

What is Low GI or the Glycemic Index anyway?

A different way of looking at food. The Glycemic Index was invented by Canadian Pioneer in food science, Dr. David Jenkins at the University of Toronto. The Glycemic Index measured how fast or slow a certain food raises your blood sugar. Why is this important? Low glycemic carbs that raise your blood sugar more slowly, are called “slow carbs”. Slow carbs sustain your energy and keep you feeling fuller longer reducing the risk of unwanted trips to the snack cupboard. By contrast, high glycemic carbs will spike your blood sugar more rapidly, resulting in a crash and crave that will have you hunting for the next snack to satisfy your cravings. By avoiding high glycemic carbs, you can avoid the spike, crash and crave and prevent unwanted fat storage.

All SoLo bars are clinically validated low GI rating between 22 and 41.
Glycemic Index ratings under 55 on a scale of 100 are considered low, SoLo GI bars are considered So Low …

Glycemic Index chart with light blue background

Why Hasn't Anyone Told Us This?

In the science world, the Glycemic Index is still very young and low GI goes against much of the food industry, a slow-moving giant that’s been feeding on highly refined and processed foods for years now.

It might just take a small innovative food company on a mission to help educate and move society to discover and create awareness. Enter SoLo! We’re on it!

Don't take our word for it

We might just be a little snack bar company, but we know once you’ve tried a solo bar, you’ll feel the difference and want to share our mission too.

Tried the peanut one, and loved it! Already got the Chocolate Charger one to try as well. They're so chewy and moist, not like other nutrition bars I've had before.

Mona M

Unlike most nutrition bars I've tried, this not only did not upset my stomach but was really easy to get down. I felt energized without feeling jittery and crashing and absolutely loved the chocolate charger flavour. I would definitely recommend this to people who are looking for a good boost in energy for workouts or other activities.

Amalia D

Great bar! Loved it, as did my sister who I shared it with. Will be adding it to our regular rotation of on-the-go bars and snacks! Can't wait to try other flavours.

Suzie F

I got the Chocolate Charger and it was delicious! I really like that there isn't any artificial sweeteners, it is gluten free, still delicious and high in protein and fibre. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Kate L

The peanut power bar is delicious. This is by far one of the best energy nutrition bars I have ever eaten and I will definitely buy it again. I look forward to trying the other flavours.

Lisa T

This was amazing. Sometimes when you get bars like these they taste chalky. This was like eating a brownie coated in chocolate but not too sweet. Gave me the pick me up I needed. I would definitely have these again!!

Kristan A

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