Whether you’re doing yoga, running that 10k on a treadmill, climbing a mountain, or just trying to get through a typical Monday, understanding the glycemic index for sustained energy can help you get through these long winter days.  The glycemic index indicates just how quickly the carbohydrates in our food are absorbed into our blood. The index rates foods by how quickly they make our blood glucose fall or rise, ultimately affecting our energy levels. While it may sound a bit complicated, it’s actually pretty easy to understand once you know what types of carbs on the high side and which ones are low.Foods are scored from 0-100 The average range is about 50-100 with higher glycemic foods (think donuts and cookies and other foods high in simple sugars) causing a spike in blood glucose. Understanding which foods are high and

This classic meal plan includes whole grain breads, meats, dairy, vegetables and fruits. Meal plans are designed as a guide to get you started and help you stay on track. Once you're comfortable, start to substitute in your own favourite low GI dishes to keep things fresh.Share your favourite low GI meal plan, and you might get a feature.

With the advent of online (over)marketing, never before have we had so many products to choose from. Fitness being one of the top trends at the moment has resulted in some extra attention for supplements and protein bars.‏Presented with an overwhelming number of options, it can be tricky to choose which products to try out and which belong in your lifestyle.‏Here are six great reasons to fall in love with protein bars and how to find the best one for you.