Miss the gym? As gyms start to reopen around the country, you might find yourself excited to get back to the gym, but if you'd rather stick closer to home, here are our top 10 favourite online fitness classes. Some even offering free classes. Everything in there from HIIT to Yoga.As this new socially distanced world evolves and we really aren't sure how long it will be until we are back to normal, it's still important to keep moving. Find some motivation and inspiration in these great resources.  HIGH INTENSITY OrangeTheory Fitness Orangetheory is now uploading new at-home 30 minute workout routines daily. You won't need any special equipment. Instructors get a little creative and have you utilize objects you can find around the house like coffee jugs in lieu of weights. Barry's Barry's is rolling out┬ácomplimentary, twice-daily IGTV Barry's at-home workouts. Choose from two