The "spike, crash and crave cycle” is driving the interlinked epidemics of obesity, diabetes and the energy shortfall. This blood sugar roller coaster evolved as a metabolic survival mechanism that helped our prehistoric ancestors survive periods of starvation, but is now compromising our health and driving Diabesity.Evolutionary MismatchDiabesity is the result of a disconnect and mismatch between our prehistoric body design that evolved in a hunter-gatherer environment, and the modern diet and sedentary lifestyle.Our ancestors didn’t hunt in stores, nor did they consume highly-refined carbohydrates. They were physically active in pursuing their food and consumed slow-release carbs from high-fiber sources (bark, roots, unripened fruits and vegetables) that take the entire small intestine to be digested and assimilated, raising blood sugar levels slowly (low Glycemic Index).  This is in contrast to the highly-refined carbs found in most processed foods/beverages that are easily digested, raising blood