Eat More and Weigh LESS?The secret - eat more high volume foods that are low in calories.This means lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans, compared to caloric dense meals made up of meats and sugars. Since lower energy dense diets tend to be of healthier foods, you improve the quality of your diet.Low GI diets adhere to this 'eat more, weigh less" mentality because they are HARD WORK to eat! The types of carbohydrates consumed in the low-GI diets are slowly digested (from non-starchy vegetables, beans and other minimally processed sources).With protein, fibre and fat - SoLo is REAL food. No artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols or empty calories.

Society is getting fatter and sicker. The World Health Organization calls it the 21st Century Plague. We even have new terms for this global pandemic: “Globesity” and “Diabesity.”But there is hope! A scientific consensus is pointing to blood sugar management as key to managing weight, sustaining energy and living more vitally.Understanding how society got into this mess informs us how to get out of it. But to go forward, we first need to look backwards.Fundamentally, there’s a big disconnect between our “Stone Age” body design and our modern diet and sedentary lifestyle. Our ancestors didn’t hunt in stores or eat processed foods. Diabesity results from a mismatch between a digestive system and metabolism, adapted to a hunter-gatherer environment, being pushed beyond its limits.The source of the problem is the blood sugar “spike, crash and crave.” This metabolic process helped our prehistoric ancestors store