New to eating a low glycemic diet? We've compiled a list of low GI foods to make the transition a little easier. What is the Glycemic Index? The glycemic index (GI) is a scale from 1–100; ranks are given according to the food's effect on your blood sugar levels (the lower, the slower, the better).How Does it Work?The lower a foods GI rating, the slower the carbohydrates you consume are digested, absorbed and metabolized. This causes a steadier rise and fall in blood sugar - no more spikes and crashes!Low GI foods score under 55 and high GI foods will have a score of 70 and beyond. For reference, SoLo bars rank between 22-41 on the GI scale, making them VERY low.Low GI Approved Foods (scientifically proven to steady blood sugar levels): Whole grain, multigrain, rye and sourdough based bread.  Brown rice