Coronavirus COVID-19, SoLo GI® Nutrition Bar, Ideal for Pandemic Preparedness

KELOWNA, BC, March 10, 2020/– SoLo GI® Nutrition Bar has been selected as an ideal pandemic snack for hospital staff, patients and first responders.


To prepare for Coronavirus COVID-19 experts recommend a 30 day supply of non-perishable food and fresh water for the pandemic pantry. SoLo GI® Nutrition Bars are well suited as a pandemic snack for institutional, corporate and home use, covering a broad range of dietary restrictions for all ages: diabetic friendly, gluten-free, plant-based and kosher.


In planning for an influenza (flu) pandemic, Alberta Health selected SoLo GI Bar for staff, patients and Command Centre personnel after conducting a comprehensive analysis of nutrition bars. The City of Edmonton also chose SoLo GI Bar for emergency planning following field tests with police, firemen and paramedics. SoLo GI Bar is unlike other bars that may cause a rapid rise and fall of blood sugar and energy levels. Low-carb bars are not recommended as carbohydrates are substituted with non-digestible sugar alcohols which don’t contribute energy and may cause stomach upset.


“SoLo GI Bars have been carefully crafted on sound nutritional principles to avoid rapid excursions in blood glucose. I would certainly endorse their use in a variety of circumstances.” Dr. Richard Lewanczuk, MD, Senior Medical Director, Alberta Health Services.


SoLo GI Bar’s low glycemic, slow-release formulation, prolongs energy and hunger satisfaction, making it ideal for pandemic preparedness.  The scientific formulation is designed to slow the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose (blood sugar) without provoking the spike and crash of blood sugar and energy levels.


“It’s so rewarding to hear from emergency physicians and first responders how much they enjoy and rely on SoLo Bar to keep them fueled and focused under demanding circumstances,” said Saul Katz, the Founder and Chairman of SoLo GI Nutrition. “We started SoLo GI Nutrition to provide a healthy, nutritious and delicious low glycemic snack alternative, to help address diabetes and weight management. But everyone can benefit from low glycemic foods that help to keep blood sugar and energy levels nice and steady.” *


Each SoLo GI Bar flavor is clinically validated low glycemic by GI Laboratories, inventors of the Glycemic Index at the University of Toronto. SoLo GI Bar has been used in low glycemic clinical studies by leading research institutions: the National Institutes of Health; Harvard School of Medicine; The Fred Hutchinson Center for Cancer Research and McGill University with the Canadian Military.


SoLo GI Nutrition is an innovative, functional food company headquartered in Kelowna, BC. SoLo GI Nutrition Bars and SoLo GI Plant-Based, Superfood Bars can be found in all major natural food, grocery and pharmacy chains and select Costco Club stores across Canada.  SoLo GI Nutrition Bars can be ordered online in Canada and the USA through SoLo’s website or Amazon.

*Saul Katz is ranked “2019 Top 100 Health Influencers in Canada” by Optimyz Magazine.

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