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Our Story

For the past 50 years, we have been misled by the diet industry about how food affects our bodies. First, they told us not to eat fats. Then they changed it and said calories were what we needed to reduce. Before long, you guessed it, it changed again…this time, to carbs and now, sugar is public enemy number 1. Each time they promised us that if we got rid of this nutrient or that nutrient, we would get skinny and all of our dreams would come true. Did it work? Nope! Each time we gained back all the weight we lost and more. But what if it wasn’t completely our fault?

What if the whole time we were approaching ‘dieting’ the wrong way? At SoLo, we believe the word ‘diet’ is a dirty four-letter word—and dieting will never give us the results we want.

What we need is a lifestyle change.

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A lifestyle change that will totally redefine our approach to food. We call it ‘living a low glycemic lifestyle’ or, simply put, ‘the good life.’ But here’s the kicker: It goes against everything the big shots in the diet industry have been trying to force on us. Instead of removing all the parts that actually make food taste good, it encourages us to eat ALL nutrients: proteins, fats AND carbs. The key is to pay attention to how all the parts combine in the food. which determines how they affect our blood sugar. You see, some carbs are fast absorbing—which spike our blood sugar and make us even hungrier while others are slow absorbing, like SoLo products, which take longer to absorb into our body and make us feel more satisfied for longer periods. You don’t have to go through life feeling like a deprived, starving failure. That’s what mother-in-laws are for. Start living a low GI lifestyle today and avoid the ups and downs. Unfortunately, you’re on your own with your MIL.

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Like you, we wondered to ourselves, “There has to be a better way to live, right?”

So we set out to find a lifestyle that would change how we thought about food, a lifestyle that would embrace all food groups and leave us feeling empowered. We found that in the low glycemic lifestyle, which prioritizes how food makes us feel, how it is digested and how our bodies convert it into energy.

Now, through real ingredients and a little bit of science, we create and enjoy truly delicious food that other popular diets would say are the enemy. Even better, that great-tasting, health-conscious food leaves us (and you) feeling more satisfied for longer, keeping us fueled to tackle anything life throws our way.

So go ahead, take a look around, and get used to that feeling of, Where has this been all my life?

SoLo. It’s about time.

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