Saul Katz, Champion of “Slow Carb Revolution” ranked among Top 100 Health Influencers

For over two decades Saul Katz has been a trailblazer in the health industry, and his efforts continue to win national accolades. Last week OptiMYz Magazine ranked Katz among the Top 100 Health Influencers in the country for his leadership in tackling obesity and diabetes. Representing the five brand pillars of OptiMYz Magazine: health, fitness, nutrition, adventure and mental wellbeing, Katz along with other nominees was recognized for his contributory role towards a more healthful population in Canada.

Saul Katz, founder of New Era Nutrition, devoted years researching the science behind blood sugar management through food. Convinced that a radical shift is required to reverse the interlinked epidemics of obesity, diabetes and the energy deficit, Katz championed the “slow carb revolution” and adoption of a low glycemic diet and lifestyle that includes greater physical activity.

“It’s a great honor to be considered among Canada’s top health influencers. Much work needs to be done to slow the pace of obesity and diabetes worldwide. While the food industry is the biggest contributor to the problem, science has presented low glycemic nutrition as a key strategy to combat this global pandemic. Both insulin and the Glycemic Index were invented at the University of Toronto to help people manage their blood sugar. This prestigious award will help my efforts to bring the benefits of low glycemic consumption to the public,” says Katz.

With a focus on preventing the spike, crash, and crave cycle that often comes from consuming fast absorbing carbs pervasive in our food supply, Katz established New Era Nutrition to develop and make available nutritious and delicious low glycemic alternatives to help manage weight, sustain energy and prevent disease.

The OptiMYz Magazine Top 100 Influencers, represents 100 carefully selected Canadians in health, fitness and well-being, whose work is instrumental in making Canada a healthier, fitter and more balanced population. While coming from different orientations, these exceptional individuals share a common mission, positively impacting millions of Canadians. The complete list of “health influencers” can be found at


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