A hand reaching across a table of unhealthy cakes and pastries to grab an orange from the healthy side of the table.

Six Awesome Reasons

Six Awesome Reasons

A hand reaching across a table of unhealthy cakes and pastries to grab an orange from the healthy side of the table.

With the advent of online (over)marketing, never before have we had so many products to choose from. Fitness being one of the top trends at the moment has resulted in some extra attention for supplements and protein bars.

‏Presented with an overwhelming number of options, it can be tricky to choose which products to try out and which belong in your lifestyle.

‏Here are six great reasons to fall in love with protein bars and how to find the best one for you.

Grab and Go!

‏I have, at times, been guiltier than most for not only being lazy about what food I take with me when I’m rushing out the door, but seemingly I’ve used “I’m busy” as an excuse to seek out junk food.
‏I’m rushing around, I deserve candy! That logic never gets you very far.
‏When you want something fast, convenient and portable, protein bars are amazing. They sure beat sugar-filled alternatives. Keep a watchful eye on quality ingredients and you’re all set. Let’s admit it; sometimes peeling boiled eggs in the car gets old. This is especially the case when you discover a moment too late it was, in fact, soft boiled.

Hello, dessert…

‏Sometimes a persistent sweet tooth can drive you insane. If you need a little something to treat yourself with, keep it as healthy as possible. Protein bars help nourish you and give you that little bit of comforting you’re looking for without breaking any rules.
‏When you don’t need a big snack, don’t be afraid to cut one into quarters and have a slice. Or, if you’re just feeling undecided, cut four different flavors into pieces and have a bite of each. You’re now a treat ninja.

A Sustainable Energy Source

‏A high quality energy bar will provide you with a sustained form of energy that will not spike your glucose. When you consume a treat that’s high in sugar, like apple pie, your body gets a rush of energy. That energy, however, is burnt off quickly, leaving your body scrambling for its next energy source.
‏A lower Glycemic Index (GI) carb source, like spinach (yay, spinach!) has a very low spike and lasts a bit longer. An energy bar with a low GI rating will sustain you far longer and not leave your body exhausted when it’s burnt off.

‏As a passionate, food motivated person and advocate of apple pie, I think it has its time and place, but that time is not when you should be relying upon a more sustainable energy source to get things done.
‏Since we’re on the topic anyway, if you bake the crust with vodka, it will be more than a slight improvement. (flakiest. crust. EVER.)


‏Having a protein source on hand to consume immediately after your workout is a perfect way to jumpstart recovery, especially heavy lifting at the gym. Some even say protein within the first ten minutes is crucial to repairing muscle. Protein bars are the easiest to dive into on the way to your chicken breast and salad. Or steak and lobster and salad. Mmm.

Race Day

‏As an athlete with an adventure racing background, I know the importance of speed and accessibility of food. A race can be won by fueling both at the right time and on the go.
‏As transition in adventure racing and triathlons can save you seconds or even minutes, so can not slowing down while you’re eating.
‏Many bars, gummies and other strange things I’ve tried throughout the years haven’t been let’s say, appropriate. Some are far too chewy and there’s nothing trickier than trying to pry gummy out of your teeth while you’re out of breath and running down a mountain trail.
‏If your jaw is as tired as your legs, there’s a problem. A soft, compact, nutrient-dense energy bar that’s easily carried in your back pocket or cycling jersey is absolutely ideal.

Goodbye, Sawdust

‏There was a time when I could barely find a bar I could get down. I have been unable to finish so many because they were nothing short of totally unpalatable.
‏Thankfully, popularity and competition have produced some beautiful results.
‏Many protein bars now taste better than candy, without the nasty impact to your health all that sugar can have. Nobody has flavor dialed in like Solo, in my opinion. So if you think there are no great bars out there, keep looking. I promise you there’s one you will fall in love with.

Author: Melissa Sharp (KelownaGal) http://dreamitreal.ca/six-awesome-reasons-eat-protein-bars/

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