The low GI “Swap It” tool can help fix your holiday diet slip-ups.

Another holiday season has come and gone and while the past month was filled with bright and cheery parties and brought a chance to reconnect with friends and family, it was also the season to unintentionally overindulge. One minute you were sharing stories over cookies and warm holiday drinks only to realize “just one” turned into two or three. The holiday season, considered to range from mid-November to mid-January, has been shown to be a major contributor to yearly weight gain. Given that weight gain has important implications in the development of major chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, prevention of unwanted weight gain is key. Although there are certain risk factors you can’t control, such as genetics and age, diet and lifestyle are modifiable risk factors that can help prevent weight gain and its negative downstream effects. We’re not suggesting that you boycott family gatherings and friendly festivities in an effort to stave off a few extra pounds. However, we are suggesting you check out our low GI “Swap It” tool to reverse those holiday slip-ups. Scientific evidence supports following a low GI diet for maintaining weight and has even shown to lead to modest weight loss. It’s no secret that we’re team GI around here, so as the holidays come to a close, we challenge you to make a change and include low GI foods in your diet to help manage your weight.  Our SoLo “Swap It” tool is a great starting point for making this change, which provides a list of low GI foods that you can eat in place of your typical high GI foods. Go to “Swap It” tool now.  If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can try out some of the low GI recipes on our website  for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks (low Gi Recipes). We hope these resources will help you make healthier choices and put you back on track to better managing your weight and overall health.

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